Page 37 Snap feature. You can begin using the wireless keyboard and mouse. When the process is completed, click Finish. Customizing Apps Resizing apps Tap and hold the app to activate the Customize bar then and select an app tile size. Launch the All Apps screen Right-click on the apps that you want to add on the Start screen. The system was dropped or the cabinet is damaged.

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Wait for a while for the process to complete. We recommend that you connect to a display through the Asus p1-p5945gc port to enjoy optimum visual performance. Take your system to an authorized ASUS service center if you have problems with the recovery process. Configuring Your Wi-fi Bandwidth In the your current network adapter properties window, select the Asus p1-p5945gc tab.

Adjusts the horizontal position H-Position and the vertical position V-Position of the display. To asus p1-p5945gc the manual completely, please, download it.

Asus PT2001 Series User Manual

Table Of Contents Wired connection Page 26 Enter the network security key if necessary. The system performance changes. Resizing asus p1-p5945gc Tap and hold the app p1-p5945tc activate the Customize bar then and select an app tile size. Click Finish to exit the speaker l1-p5945gc. Select Show Wireless if asus p1-p5945gc are different types of network connections in your area. Address, City 4F No. Support Formats You can select the encoded format and the sample rates.

From the Start screen, launch the Desktop Mode. The system was dropped or the cabinet is damaged. Configuring Audio Output Asus p1-p5945gc subwoofer provides enhanced bass sounds.


The power cord or plug is damaged. Configuring Wireless Connection Right-click the network icon and select Connect to a network. Customizing Your Start Screen Right-click anywhere on the taskbar, asus p1-p5945gc on the Start button, to launch the pop-up window.

Use the support stand if you want to stack asus p1-p5945gc your PX Slide the disc into the drive. Don’t show me this message again.

ASUS drivers – ASUS Sound Card Drivers

Under the Playback window, select Speakers and click Set Default. The following illustration asus p1-p5945gc the package contents of your new PX Using Windows Media Center A subwoofer provides enhanced bass sounds. Press to display the electronic program guide screen.

Drag then drop the app to the bottom of the screen to close it. Move your mouse pointer on the top side of the asus p1-p5945gc app then wait for the pointer to change to a hand icon. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the reinstallation and reset process.

Click Finish to exit the speaker asus p1-p5945gc. Under this option, click Get Started. Reverse engineering or disassembly is prohibited.

Asus NOVALITE PX24 User Manual

This symbol of the crossed out wheeled bin indicates that the product p1-p5945vc, electronic equipment, and mercury-containing button cell battery should not be placed in municipal asus p1-p5945gc.

Insulating paint is applied to the top cover of the system to asus p1-p5945gc electrostatic discharge.

Use the remote to launch the Media Center program to watch TV, record TV programs, play video recordings or other media files such as music and movies. Tick the Front left and right option, and click Next. If you are already in the Start screen, touch this button asus p1-p5945gc go back to the last app you opened.

Page 13 Using this jack automatically disables the built-in speakers. Vital information that you MUST follow to prevent asus p1-p5945gc to yourself. Select Schedule to set how often you want to update your system.