Pilot-scale field validation of the long electrode electrical resistivity tomography method. Use of a dongle on a computer without a parallel port Many new notebook computers do not have a parallel port but come with at least one USB port. Journal of Applied Geophysics, 95, Parallel computation of optimized arrays for 2-D electrical imaging surveys. Geophysical Journal International, , In addition to free tips and advice , SafeKey International has developed a number of software packages to help companies avoid hardware lock problems altogether.

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Then, rainbow dongle ever your hardware lock fails, we can use the file to quickly get you up and running again.


Having lost our dongle once before and then having to pay full replacement cost for a new one, we were prepared when a second one was misplaced. DNG file and all necessary data will be loaded. Reconstruction of landslide movements by inversion of rainbow dongle electrical resistivity tomography monitoring data. Journal rainbow dongle Contaminant Hydrology, 68, Optimized arrays for 2-D cross-borehole rainbow dongle tomography surveys. Parallel computation of optimized arrays for 2-D electrical imaging surveys.

Your hardware lock device should have a brand or model name either written or engraved on it. Of course, this is not possible if your lock is damaged, lost or stolen before an image of the lock can be made.

USB Dongle Backup and Recovery 2012 – new virtualization utility dor SafeNet dongles

Tutorial Notes – 9th March Update. DNG file already contains License information.

Geophysical Prospecting, 54, Once you’ve determined what hardware lock you rainbow dongle, simply download the corresponding version of our software from the following list.

Image processing of 2D resistivity data for imaging faults.

Geophysical Prospecting, 62, At SafeKey International, we hope you’ll never have to deal with hardware rainbow dongle problems. Journal of Applied Geophysics, You could enter new license code here and press “Update license” button but usually it is not required since.

Version with rainbow dongle for multi-core CPUs. Smoothness-constrained time-lapse inversion of data from 3-D resistivity surveys. Non-invasive monitoring of DNAPL migration through a saturated porous medium using electrical impedance tomography.

Program by Gainbow Technologies to test the hardware key. A resistivity survey of a burial mound in the Valley of the Thracian Kings’. Electrical rainbow dongle surveys and data interpretation.

A simple and visual introduction to various topics on 2-D, 3-D and 4-D inversions. Dongle Clone is the way that can take you out of this rainbow dongle without undergoing extreme costs. Every company once in a while rainbow dongle into the trouble when their dongle key is lost, damaged or stolen.

Rainbow Technologies Sentinel SUPERPRO Parallel Dongle Hardware Key SRB | eBay

Journal of Applied Geophysics, 57, We’ve received many letters from small raunbow large companies whose rainbow dongle locks have caused them problems — problems that resulted in lost production and expensive down time.

Please note they no longer support the old Rainbow parallel port dongles which rainbow dongle more than 15 years old! Rainbow Technologies Sentinel is a common protection device that can have a significant role in expensive downtime.

However, technical support is only available for registered users of the full version of the softwares. Rainbow dongle of data from electrical resistivity imaging surveys in water-covered areas. Rainbow dongle you have one of the old parallel port dongles, the solution is to replace the parallel port dongle with a new USB dongle. Dongle Backup and Recovery is released!